Month: November 2015

How’s Your Shed?

We need to talk about your shed. In a manner similar to that of the deck and the sandstone patio, Celtic Tiger hivemind syndrome continued full throttle when it came to the shed.  Historians will cite the years between 2001 and 2007 as the golden era of the timber garden shed. An uninitiated visitor would… Read more »

Crazy Paving

Next up on the Honour Roll of former Celtic Tiger All-Stars due a reunion tour would have to be the Sandstone patio. Suffering from credibility issues every bit as debilitating as those of the deck the lesser spotted sandstone patio has not been heard of since 2006 when it was effectively banished from civilised society… Read more »


The poor, unfortunate, much maligned deck. It is customary to chastise it mercilessly in a time honoured tradition stretching back as far as 2004 when it made its triumphant appearance in Ireland. It promised so much, for ten minutes it looked so cool and made us feel all Scandinavian.  We Can Get So Much More… Read more »

Stuck In A Moment

We’re all about the mindfulness now. Are you inhabiting the now, are you here? Are you focused on what you are doing right now, relinquishing all thought and preoccupation with the past and the future? We are encouraged to savour each moment whatever that moment is composed of, however unpleasant we might have traditionally considered… Read more »