Month: December 2015

Finally, Something To (Kinda) Like on Facebook

We have all seen enough of it by now to know that, for the most part, Facebook is utter nonsense. The painstakingly concocted profiles, the staging,  the presentation of a fictitiously idyllic version of oneself. Not to mention the relentless recirculation of hopeless self-help drivel. But every so often in the blizzard of baloney comes… Read more »

The Hazel Garden

I have been asked to design and build a garden for the Syrian refugee centre at the former Hazel Hotel in Monasterevin. The centre currently houses forty refugees who in the next week will be moving onto other centres in Cork and Kerry to begin  the next stage of their assimilation. The next influx of… Read more »

This Place Is A Dump

We all share the landscape.  Some parts of it are more private than others, your back garden is away from the public gaze and you are free to treat it in whatever fashion you fancy. Inevitably you want it to be pleasing; pleasant to look at and engaging to be in. In engaging with public… Read more »