Month: January 2016

David Bowie

When I was younger I was afraid of dogs. Diamond Dogs. Which by extension meant that I was afraid of David Bowie. What uncontrollable forces, ungovernable energies were running riot in the mind of a man who could produce characters, imagery and sound of such unsettling, beautiful strangeness? Diamond Dogs Album Cover The last week… Read more »

There Must Be Some Mistake

Why are they giving us sports news, or weather forecasts? Did he really just read out a list of pre-election poll percentages?  Haven’t they heard David Bowie is dead? A few years ago I caught my first glimpse of the man for a few years and thought Jaysus if Bowie is starting to look old… Read more »


You might not think it but the best time to do certain jobs in the garden is winter. Admittedly there’s not much to encourage one outdoors, the prospect of dislocating a shoulder slipping on the deck or patio is usually sufficient deterrent. But if you can brave it there is no better time to do… Read more »