Month: December 2016

That Friday Feeling

I lived in New England for nearly a decade from the mid nineteen nineties until the mid noughties. One of the many interesting things about living in the States is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, according to our know-all friends over at Wikipedia, is “an annual national holiday in North America marked by religious observances and a traditional… Read more »

Hippies. Who’s Laughing Now?

It’s probably because they have all the best subjects that the Americans make the best documentaries. They have a pace, immediacy and relevance that you’re never going to find within, say, the history of the Scottish Canal System. So there I was a few nights back watching the excellent Summer of Love documentary on PBS… Read more »

Up The Walls In Paris

Urban greening is a subject I have repeatedly touched upon in these pages. It’s only a few weeks ago that we were singing the praises of the High Line in New York City, an elevated public park and greenway which was conjured up from a disused section of elevated railroad in Manhattan. As mentioned, The… Read more »