Month: January 2017

Different Folks Same Broad Brush Strokes

Is the general level and standard of design right now better than it has ever been? Or are we just kidding ourselves because of all the exposure it gets? Exposure on every conceivable forum; twenty channels of home, lifestyle and garden television on the box, countless self-build and interiors magazines, innumerable blogs and websites devoted… Read more »

Organic Corner Co. Laois

We have been asked to reinvigorate a derelict corner of a rear garden in Co. Laois. The plan is to reclaim it and turn it into an Organic Zone. The existing distressed timber shed will be rehabilitated, re roofed, re painted and redeployed as a potting shed. We are building a 6’high corral for poultry,… Read more »

Small Playground

Here is a raised water feature and a little tree house we did recently for a courtyard play area in a small child care facility. All of the material used was salvaged and recycled. Read more »