Month: February 2017

Cold Frames

Take a look at these cold frames we have just finished. Plenty of room to gradually acclimate produce from the adjoining greenhouse to the colder outdoors as Spring develops. Read more »


Conor has the advantage over me in that he is prepared to back up his viewpoint by conducting actual research. I am referring of course to Conor McHugh and his great piece on cycling tourism in last week’s edition of the Leinster Leader newspaper. In the article Conor cited a range of papers and reports… Read more »

Paving & Pergola, North Kildare

Here is a nice project recently completed. It consisted of an expansive area of paving abutting the building framed by handrail and a nice wide pergola. A rough, unused area was transformed into an inviting, intimate entertainment space. Read more »

Something For Everyone

We’re all busy. Check. We all want a nice living environment. Check. That nice living environment would include a garden as well as the soapstone worktop sourced in Nepal. Check. We all want a nice garden but nobody wants to do any maintenance. Hmm, I’d love a car that never needed to be serviced. Where… Read more »

A Couple of Upcoming Projects

Here are a couple of projects which we hope to start within the next few weeks. In each of these cases the plan will be subject to some further refinement before we start digging. Once we have an agreed plan in place we typically go ahead and produce more detail; elevations, perspectives, specifications. Read more »

Everyone’s a Designer

It’s easy to be “creative” these days. It seems that you are entitled to call yourself a designer if you can figure out how to log onto Pinterest. Innovation and clever design seem to be everywhere, but are they? Is any of it really any good? Last week we asked how much any of this… Read more »

Equine Paddock, Co. Kildare

On a stud farm in Co. Kildare we are repurposing a piece of unused ground for use as a lunging and training paddock. The perimeter fence is 1.8 metres high consisting of 125mm x 16mm vertical pickets fixed to three horizontal rails in turn fixed to 100mm square posts at 2.0 metre centres. All timber… Read more »

Get Thee To The Potting Shed

I know it’s only the first week of February but there’s nothing to stop you getting things going in the potting shed. All the shops have a good range of seeds now and simple propagators like the ones I show here can be picked up in any hardware shop for next to nothing. I have… Read more »

Water Feature , North Kildare

We have been asked to design and install a small water feature for the front entrance to a contemporary new build in North Co. Kildare. It measures 915mm x 625mm x 425mm high and will be carried on two 100mm square posts. The water will collect in a ceramic chamber and be recirculated by a… Read more »