Month: June 2017

Dogs Trust, Finglas

The head scratching has begun up in Finglas as we begin to put our Bloom 2017 garden back together at the Dogs Trust headquarters in North Dublin.   Read more »

Don’t Be Afraid To Fake It

It’s never dull round my way.  A look across my desk this minute reveals a lovely array of projects at various stages of development. Some are mere ideas taking some sort of shape, some are designed and ready to go, some are ongoing, some are wrapping up. Then there’s the pile of miscellaneous bits and… Read more »

Post Bloom

So that’s a wrap for another year. Last Tuesday saw us complete the breakdown of the Bloom 2017 garden. A process which began before Christmas when the initial submission invitation e mails started to arrive culminated in the past week with the careful dismantling and relocation of all the elements of the garden to the… Read more »