Month: December 2017

Back Garden Co. Meath

Here is one we completed a couple of months ago. Demo of existing sheds, gazebo, patio, planting, screens. Replace with polycarbonate covered pergola, heightened perimeter privacy screens, expanded and updated paving, new planting scheme, new lawn, new and expanded general storage and fuel storage structures, re configured entrance and passageway. This was the garden. Here… Read more »


Here’s what most people know about Ballymun. It is a working- class suburb of north Dublin City. In the 1960s it was a particularly deprived working- class suburb of north Dublin City into which it was decided to insert a bunch of high rise concrete apartment blocks wherein, it was hoped, the good people of… Read more »

Split Screen Garden

Here is an interesting scheme I am finalising at the moment. It addresses a recurring issue we encounter in this country given our climate; year round use of the garden and seasonality. This space is 50% covered with a transparent, clearlite polycarbonate structure into which will be incorporated an outdoor kitchen, dining area, work/ study… Read more »

Garden Vs. Landscape

I subscribe to an American magazine entitled ‘The Dirt’, the monthly publication of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). That designation is important, ‘landscape architects’. Because here we have another one of those common instances where confusion surrounds the language we habitually use to describe something or to make certain subtle distinctions between things.… Read more »