Month: February 2018

Equine Paddock, Co. Laois

We are reclaiming this wild patch on a farm in Co. Laois. The intention is to remove unnecessary hedges, tame others that are badly overgrown, prune trees, secure the boundaries with a combination of four rail stud fencing and wire fencing. The paddock itself will be stripped, ploughed and re seeded later in the season… Read more »

Square Boardwalk, Co. Kildare

This is the first phase in the revamp of an awkward space between two existing raised limestone patios. The boardwalk is elevated and frames in a central square into which will be installed a galvanised steel rill and dense herbaceous planting. The open side of the boardwalk will be planted primarily with shrubs and a… Read more »

Rear Garden, Co. Kildare

This one is in progress at the moment. The plan is to screen out the unsightly existing fence and block wall in the back garden and side passages with solid tongued and grooved panelling which will be stained, remove unwanted and unsuitable vegetation, replace the lawn, install a tiled terrace and perimeter lighting. Planting will… Read more »

Something Borrowed

The notion of borrowed landscape is a concept with which you become fairly familiar in this line of work. The phrase itself should be self-explanatory; what is visible beyond the confines of a garden or space has a huge bearing on the character of a place. In some instances, it may be positive and needs… Read more »

Art & Randoms

There was a woman on the radio the other day who has just written a book entitled “Why Your Five-Year-Old Could Not Have Done That”. She is an advocate of the gallery system as an effective means of bringing worthwhile pieces of art to the attention of the public. She made the point that it… Read more »