Month: August 2018

Time is Crechious

Under the ever vigilant eye of George Mitchell it’s all happening in the workshop these days as we get a few creches sorted with new play equipment before they re open their doors in September Read more »

Pre-School Play Pieces

Here are some wooden play pieces we put together for a preschool in South Dublin. Studies have shown that children engage for longer periods with natural, tactile materials such as wood rather than smooth plastic or PVC. Read more »

What the World Needs Now

It all started with the brilliant Sunday night set on the main stage at All Together Now from Fleet Foxes. I have been meaning for a while to catch up with their current album ‘Crack-Up’. So, they come out and play a load of tunes that I know from their first two records, and they… Read more »

Side Passage Becomes Utility Room

Here is an example of how a pretty useless side passage can be easily transformed into a utility room or storage space. The existing gate between the brick piers is removed, a monopitch roof is constructed against the wall of the house, gutter and downspout for drainage are incorporated on the low side, new doors… Read more »