Month: October 2018

The Last Post & Chorus

The warnings were there, dwindling shelves with no sign of replenishment. That’s never a good sign. We had our suspicions and then this week the official sign went up to confirm it. As of this Bank Holiday weekend Ballybrittas Post Office and its associated small grocery and newsagent Murphy’s will be no more. I will… Read more »

More Trees Less Eejits

In the immortal words of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Ain’t that the truth? But what the world also needs now, to the same magnitude, is trees, sweet trees. More trees and less eejits. The requirements of our planet right now can be neatly summarised in… Read more »

Fuel Storage Facility, South Kildare

Here is a solid fuel storage building we are constructing on an equestrian property in South Kildare. Ventilation is ensured via the spaced horizontal cladding. The roof is corrugated metal sheeting, pitched to a large gutter at the rear. The large panel at the front is removable to facilitate vehicular access. Pedestrian access is gained… Read more »