Month: November 2018

Exile On Bane Street

I did a project recently in the location depicted in the attached photographs. It looks like a typical suburban housing estate ‘streetscape’, just like the thousands more of its ilk elsewhere in south Dublin and dotted across the country. Typical, standard, cookie cutter stuff. The development contains multiple dwelling types – terraced houses, apartments, semi… Read more »

Fencing, Paving, Planting, Lawnwork

There is a nice range of elements to this project – an old disheveled lawn to be stripped and relaid, existing low level fence to be demolished and replacement taller privacy screen erected, large and small hedges to be planted, an expansive paved area with connecting paths. Read more »

Pergola, Path and Playspace

The project here was to transform a tired old patio space into an all weather kids’ play area. Also to dismantle an old raised planter and create a pergola with a connecting path from the recycled patio slabs. Read more »