Month: July 2022

Large Back Garden Co. Laois

Quite a big area to cover here. We created an enclosed, split level space composed of flamed fossil limestone paving, incorporated lighting into the raised rendered planters, constructed a covered pergola style structure and filled the planters with a blend of evergreen Buxus and herbaceous perennials and perennial grasses. Read more »

Garden Room & Paving Co. Laois

In this garden an old dishevelled area of sandstone paving was removed and replaced with new precast paving and a split garden room was built – one section for storage and the other for escape and relaxation. Read more »

Large Composite Deck

A challenging shape in which to construct a large composite deck. The old, badly decayed timber deck was entirely removed. Avoiding entirely the use of timber in the new structure, the substrate was raised to the requisite level with compacted Clause 804 hardcore and precast concrete lintels were used to act as joists. Read more »