Exile On Bane Street

I did a project recently in the location depicted in the attached photographs. It looks like a typical suburban housing estate ‘streetscape’, just like the thousands more of its ilk elsewhere in south Dublin and dotted across the country. Typical, standard, cookie cutter stuff. The development contains multiple dwelling types – terraced houses, apartments, semi… Read more »

The Last Post & Chorus

The warnings were there, dwindling shelves with no sign of replenishment. That’s never a good sign. We had our suspicions and then this week the official sign went up to confirm it. As of this Bank Holiday weekend Ballybrittas Post Office and its associated small grocery and newsagent Murphy’s will be no more. I will… Read more »

More Trees Less Eejits

In the immortal words of Burt Bacharach and Hal David, what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Ain’t that the truth? But what the world also needs now, to the same magnitude, is trees, sweet trees. More trees and less eejits. The requirements of our planet right now can be neatly summarised in… Read more »

What the World Needs Now

It all started with the brilliant Sunday night set on the main stage at All Together Now from Fleet Foxes. I have been meaning for a while to catch up with their current album ‘Crack-Up’. So, they come out and play a load of tunes that I know from their first two records, and they… Read more »

Here and There

I see a feature in the Sunday Independent magazine there last week about how more and more ‘creatives’ are eschewing Dublin and choosing to live in what the magazine chooses to call ‘rural Ireland’. Except in this instance what the magazine really means by ‘rural Ireland’ is the same as it always means by ‘rural… Read more »

Big Little Lies

In the fullness of time, Big Little Lies will come to be regarded as one of the preeminent pieces of art of this time. It is set in present day Monterey California and primarily concerns the lives of four emotionally troubled women Madeline, Renata, Jane and Celeste. In the western slice of the geoid we… Read more »